What is StudioWorks?

StudioWorks is a framework that will save 3-6 months of development time in getting your first Omnis Studio application written, debugged, and delivered.

The first application you build in Omnis Studio will never be "right". It takes a year just to get a wide and deep enough understanding of all the incredible features in Omnis Studio.

StudioWorks is the culmination of 7 years of developing applications using Omnis Studio.

What is a framework?

"A framework is a set of cooperating classes that make up a reusable design for a specific class of software. Frameworks are becoming increasingly common and important. They are the way that object-oriented systems achieve the most reuse."

- Design Patterns - Elements of Reusable Object Oriented Software

What makes it flexible?

StudioWorks does not force you into a certain style of GUI or code writing. Omnis Studio's object-oriented programming allows you to substitute your own classes for any of the StudioWorks' classes. You can either subclass and then override methods, or completely copy any class. None of the classes are locked, so you always have full control of your application.

Why join the team?

Numerous Omnis developers around the world are writing similar code to do the same basic things. With StudioWorks, you join a team of developers who are using the same core set of reusable objects and code methodology. As new objects are developed and shared, everyone benefits. The synergy of working together on a common framework is incredible. And there are even more advantages of being part of this community.

What are the features?

StudioWorks is packed with features that will save you time and money. Some features include multi-language capabilities, a field handler controlling all field behaviors, report writer, error message handler, query builder, synchronize database tool, to name a few. Continue by examining a full list of the StudioWorks features and details on how they will increase your productivity and output.